About company

“Heres” is a company founded in 2009 and it is based in Bačka Palanka. Since it was established, year after year, the company has had a trend of a significant production growth, which resulted in the relocation of the company to Kula, where the production needs are met in a more efficient way. In the very beginning, the company was producing household chemicals only. Later, the production was expanded to powdery food products. Since 2014, the company installed another production program and started manufacturing PET packaging, but began with manufacturing PET performs in 2015.

By expanding the production by introducing new technologies, “Heres” has become specialized in producing detergents and cleaning products in households, thus becoming the leader in launching new and innovative products onto the market. Aside from the local market, the products are successfully sold in other countries in the region, and beyond.

The first original brand from the range of products of household chemicals called “Time” was launched in 2009. After that came the brands in household cleaning products’ section, such as “Magic”, as well as the collection of “Life” softeners. Soon after the initial placing onto the market, “Life” softeners (“Life Mistral” and “Life Soft White”) became our trademark and one of the most recognizable brands in Serbia due to their carefully selected scents and top quality.

Introducing suitable domestic and international standards, improving the technology and investing in our own developing potential form our pyramid of success whose top is occupied by quality products and satisfied customers.


Heres d.o.o.

Bulevar oslobođenja 82, Novi Sad

Email: office@heres.rs

Phone: +381 (0) 21 66 10 449


Krsturski put 125

25230, Kula

Phone: +381 (0) 25 722 705