Private labels


In 2014 we set up the first production of private labels for the market of Republic of Croatia. Since then our range of private labels has included the most important types of household cleaning products as well as personal hygiene products. The development of private brands can take the following directions:

  • Our recipes, our packaging, client’s design, complete production in our plants
  • Our recipes, client’s packaging and design suggestions, with production in our plants
  • Recipe and complete packaging proposal submitted by a client, while the production takes place in our plants


Thanks to the production capacity of our PET and PE plants and in cooperation with well-known tool manufacturers, we can readily meet the requirements of brand owners in terms of conceptual solutions for production of our recognizable and unique bottle shapes which are produced on our machines.


Below is the list of some of our business partners with whom we have had successful cooperation in PL placement.

  • Gomex d.o.o, R. Srbija
  • Pejo d.o.o, R. Slovenija
  • Robot General Trading d.o.o, BiH
  • Lukas TP Nakić, BiH
  • Хедис Здружени маркети, Македонија
  • C3 Concept AB, Sweden
  • Mirato S.p.A, Italija

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